Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I had... [BESTBAIL #2]

The best sleep evar. :D, sleeps after school are really nice :)

Anyways heres a bail for you :D

If you ask me, id say hes the worst pole dancer ever.

Also how the hell did he's shoe come off?!

Notice the guy in the background? The shadow? He looks like hes about to have his weener sucked. 

Alright well i hope you enjoyed that, now to end on something funny. ... Just bear with me...


  1. lol wtf pic xD And yeah i know what you mean! I had a sleep after school too and it felt great

  2. afternoon power naps are really great. They give you just that extra boost of power

  3. Afternoon naps are the way to go. And you could be a detective with these skills, keep it up.