Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Some days.. [Bestbail #4]

i just couldnt give two shits. i guess this kid doesnt give two shits ethier.

"BMX Front Flip Off Roof Ends Painfully"
Ouch. i dont really know what to say, other then what the fuck was he thinking!? Did he think, "hmm, imma try front flip off this roof :D that'll get me chicks :D" After the noise he makes mid air, it doesnt sound like his "plan" worked out too good.

He was never good at roly polys.
Well cmon now, its not all bad... atleast hes wearing a helmet :D

Now tbh my dinners ready, and this wasnt the best bail to show you, and its not even a skate one. but hmmm, how can i make it up... i know! :D 


no i dont.


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  2. I would laugh my tits of if i was recording this shit ;D

  3. hey man, hope your day was better than mine with one of my dogs dying.