Sunday, 5 September 2010

Woah i went to center parcs!!

This shall be a long one so sit down, get a cup of coffee or whatever the hell your drinking atm. If your not drinking, and your reading this, then you sir must stop reading, slap yourself in the face and go get a drink of OJ!!! NAOW!!. …No OJ? WHAT?! oh you do have some? wait what? Shut up and just read.

Right so i went to CenterParcs :P (for 7 days [week] lol) and it was fun :) heres what i did :P (because you care about my life so much :) unless your my parents where you do care so :) hi dad :) lol

Day 1

Unpacked, went to the plaza, after making my round CenterParcs, and then went home and “chilled” [Note: the “Plaza” has a swimming pool, shops, badminton, tennis etc courts, bowling alley, help desk, bars, games arcade etc, etc. in it. Its very fun…but expensive.]

Day 2

…swimming? i think? i forgot lol, well i went to “Hucks” for dinner. .. i think.

Day 3

…I forgot.

Day 4

Badminton :), swimming, :D

Day 5

Went to “Pancake House” [Quick Tip: DONT GO THERE.] Why? well you can go there by all means. Just understand, you may have to;

    * Wait 40 minutes for a drink
    * get wasps floating (?) around you.
    * Terrible service

The advantages? Well…

    * Good food, [may or may not be worth wait]
    * Very filling
    * …Play area [very small though … im talking in the corner]

Thats really all i can say about that, i think [my verdict] that if you can stand wasps and waiting, then feel free. i for one cant. Fucking wasps.


Day 6

Shops, Badminton, Rollar skating, Golf.

Day 7

HEY, Thats today!, well im in the plaza, on my laptop, while my family swim. :)

And thats basically it :) Thanks for reading.

OH BTWS!!, i found my flipcam :):)(:):):):():*():(0:():&:):yhgfshgt

…Bye :)



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